Gifts For Bridge Players

Welcome to the Blueberry Bridge Shop where you will find a wide selection of gifts for your bridge playing friends and relatives.  Many of the items here are available through Amazon and we have divided them up into gifts for UK players and gifts for USA players.

We start, though, with our very own designs:

EXCLUSIVE Blueberry Bridge T Shirts, Sweatshirts and Gifts

Here at Blueberry Bridge we have designed a range of clothing and accessories for bridge players.  All are available from Cafe Press and are printed to order.  These goodies make perfect gifts for bridge players.  They are fun and exclusive.

For the full range visit our CafePress store   or click on any of the items below.

We have three ranges to choose from:

club diamonds heart

Each range has a wide selection of items to choose from.  Here are just a few to show you.  Click on any of the items, or the pictures above to be taken to our CafePress store.


iPad Case


Long sleeved T shirt


Tote Bag

We have divided the rest of this page into two sections.  Gifts for UK bridge players and gifts for US players. There are prices to suit all budgets.

Bridge players will always use cards.  We have also included bidding boxes and bridge software.

There are many other fun and useful gift ideas for bridge players.  These include fun items like jewellery, pens, mugs and practical items for people who like a game of bridge with friends in their house, such as bridge tables and table cloths.

Take a look at our selection below.  All items are easily ordered through Amazon.  Please note that we will receive a small amount of commission if you order via any of these links, but that it doesn’t affect the price that you pay.

Gifts for UK bridge players
First – cards.  Bridge players who enjoy a game of bridge with friends will always use cards.  These are available in two versions.  Jumbo index cards, for those with visual difficulties, or regular index cards.
Regular Index

Jumbo Index

Always handy is a playing card holder of a set of card holders.  These are especially useful for players whose hands are stiff and who might struggle to hold a full set of 13 cards.

How about a fun tea towel.  You never know, it might encourage guests to help with the drying up between games of bridge!

Mugs are a fun gift for bridge players who enjoy inviting their friends round for a game.  You can purchase individual mugs or a set of 4.

How about a set of amusing serviettes to go with the mugs to help make sure that slice of cake doesn’t cause too many sticky fingers and sticky playing cards?

To go with the mugs and serviettes, a set of card themed spoons would make a lovely present for a bridge player.

Everyone uses ball point pens, and a set of nice bridge themed pens would make a lovely gift for bridge players – useful and distinctive.  Perfect to carry in your handbag, or tuck into a jacket pocket and less easy to lose than a cheap supermarket or freebie pen.

A useful and relatively inexpensive gift idea for a bridge player is a slanted paper block or some sticky notes to keep by the phone.

A silver charm would be a lovely gift for someone to use a pendant or hang on a charm bracelet

For the gentleman in your life, especially someone who enjoys taking part in more formal bridge playing occasions, how about a set of cufflinks?

If you know your friend enjoys hosting bridge games, a nice bridge player gift might be a card table. These are specially designed to be the right height and size for playing bridge, yet fold flat so they can be easily stored.

Bridge Bidding Boxes

Widely used in bridge clubs and also by anyone who enjoys a game of bridge with friends. Bridge bidding boxes make your bids clear. Other players don’t rely on hearing you bid out loud. Your bid cannot be misunderstood or misheard. All players bids are clearly displayed on the table for everyone to see.

Gifts for USA Bridge Players
Cards are the perfect gift for bridge players worldwide who enjoy playing cards with friends in their own home. Jumbo index cards are perfect for players with visual difficulties.

Regular Index

Jumbo Index

Playing card holders are a useful gift for anyone who finds it difficult to hold their cards.

Like me, many bridge players enjoy a good cup of tea (Yes, I’m English) or a nice cup of coffee while they are playing. These fun coasters and mugs will be welcome gifts for the bridge player in your life.

These fun Card Gift Sets contain two packs of playing cards and two score cards.

Some fun jewelry for both men and women

Keep the bridge playing man or woman in your life warm with these card themed sweatshirts and t-shirts