Presents For Bridge Players

Welcome to the Blueberry Bridge Shop where you will find a wide selection of gifts for your bridge playing friends and relatives.  

All of the items here are available through Amazon UK. There are prices to suit all budgets and presents to suit all tastes.

There are many other fun and useful gift ideas for bridge players.  These include fun items like jewellery, pens, mugs and practical items for people who like a game of bridge with friends in their house, such as cards, score sheets and bidding boxes.

(Please note that we will receive a small amount of commission if you order via any of these links, but that it doesn’t affect the price that you pay.)


Bridge Playing Cards

Bridge players who enjoy a game of bridge with friends will always use cards.  These are available in two versions.  Jumbo index cards, for those with visual difficulties, or regular index cards.

Regular Index Cards

Jumbo Index Cards

Ideal for people with visual difficulties as the numbers and suit symbols are larger, making them easier to see.

For The Tea Break

For anyone that enjoys hosting a game of bridge, the tea break is all important.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a nice slice of cake.

Mugs and Coasters

Tea Towels

Bridge Bidding Boxes

Anyone that takes their bridge playing seriously will want a set of bridge bidding boxes.  The cards in the boxes can form any possible bid.  Using these boxes means that your bid is clear to all players and there is no risk of confusion.

Score Cards And Pens

All bridge players need to keep score.  A set of bridge score cards ensures that everyone knows what the score is.  A fun set of card themed pens also makes a lovely present for your card playing friends or relations.

A Bit Of Bling

This fun jewellery for bridge players is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Jewellery for bridge players

Card Shuffler

If your fingers don’t work well, or you are not good at shuffling cards, try a card shuffler.  Simply load the cards onto the machine, press a button, and your cards are shuffled for you.