Bridge Bidding Boxes

Widely used in bridge clubs and also by anyone who enjoys a game of bridge with friends.  Bridge bidding boxes make your bids clear.  Other players don’t rely on hearing you bid out loud.  Your bid cannot be misunderstood or misheard.  All players bids are clearly displayed on the table for everyone to see.

Bridge Scoring Cards, Holders & Pens

Scoring is the heart of a game of bridge.  The aim of each game is to score the maximum number of points for your side, or to try to reduce the number of points scored by the opposing partnership.  Keeping score accurately is important, even in a fun game!

For a bit of added sophistication (or just fun) buy your bridge loving friend/partner some bridge themed pens.  They won’t get lost – everyone will recognise the design and know who they belong to.

Playing Cards

Without playing cards you can’t play bridge in the real world with real people.  Why not use something nicer than the ordinary (and very good) cheap cards that we all have.  Treat yourself, or your friend, to some good quality cards. Another great gift for bridge players.  Something nice to own, nice to hold, nice to use and nice to look at.

There are two types of playing cards.  Standard index and jumbo index.  Jumbo index cards have larger suit symbols and numbers, making them easier to read for anyone with sight difficulties.

Standard Index

Jumbo Index

Bridge Sets

Playing cards with a matching score pad

Bridge Card Holders

Perfect for anyone who has difficulty holding the cards. A playing card holder keeps your cards tidy and steady.

Fun Stuff

Bridge Card Tables

For serious bridge players a good quality card table is a must.  For home players, consider a felt table cover – stops the cards from sliding and adds a nice, professional, feel to your game.

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