1 NT Opening Bid With A 5 Card Suit – Acol Bridge


As a general rule – you will make an opening bid of 1NT if you hold a balanced hand (no void or singleton, only one doubleton) and have 12 – 14 high card points.

The Exception – A 5 Card Major Suit

Every good rule has an exception.  If you have a 5 card major suit, then open the bidding with one of that suit.

Opening 1NT With A 5 Card Minor

But suppose you hold a 5 card minor suit instead of a 5 card major suit?  Such as this example:

Opening 1 NT with a 5 card minor

There is a 5 card suit, so you might be tempted to open the bidding with 1 Club.  This might not be a good idea – 1 NT could be safer, but why?

If you open the bidding with 1 club, you give the opponents the opportunity to enter the auction cheeply by bidding at the 1 level.

Bid 1 NT.  This doesn’t promise partner that you have stoppers in every suit – it simply tells partner that you have a balanced hand, 12 -14 points and you DON’T have a 5 card major suit.