Boosting Your Memory

We all know that playing bridge regularly helps keep the brain active. Memory is an all important part of playing bridge. You need to remember which cards have been played. Forgetting who has played key cards can cause you to lose a game you might otherwise have won.

Good memory is also helpful for remembering the finer points of the bidding and when or if it is helpful to apply the various bidding conventions.

Regardless of your age, a memory boost is always welcome and a useful aid if you are playing bridge.

So are there some simple, perfectly legal, strategies you can use to boost your memory and help you enjoy your game playing?

Believe it or not, there are two commonly available herbal products which can boost your memory. Rosemary and Peppermint Tea.

Researchers at the University of Northumbria used 150 volunteer pensioners to test the effects of Rosemary on memory. The pensioners were split into three groups. One group was placed in a Rosemary scented room, one group in a lavender scented room and one group in a room that was unperfumed.

The volunteers were then asked to perform some memory tests. Those in the rosemary scented room significantly outperformed the other two groups.

The same group of researchers also tested the effects of herbal teas. 180 volunteers took part in this test. One group were asked to drink peppermint tea, one group were given chamomile tea and one group were given just hot water.

Again, memory tests were performed. Those drinking the chamomile performed the worst. Those drinking the peppermint tea performed best.

It seems to me that any bridge player can help themselves achieve the best possible memory performance by doing two simple, perfectly legitimate, things.

1. Use a rosemary scented product before or during game play. Consider rosemary shampoo, or hand cream or body lotion.

2. Take along a sachet of peppermint tea to drink whilst playing.

Even if these products fail to make you into Super Memory Person, they are unlikely to do you any harm!

Imagine if your club were to take part in a competition. Perfume your coach or cars with rosemary and drink peppermint tea en-route. You might find you are unbeatable.

Here are a few fun products to help you.