Jumbo Index Cards

Did you know that you get jumbo index playing cards?

If you have visual difficulties, are partially sighted or finding that your sight isn’t as good as it used to be, these jumbo index cards might be the answer to helping you continue playing the game you love.  Or helping you to learn a new hobby.

The suit symbol and number symbol in the top corners are larger than usual, which makes the cards easier to read.

I’ve discovered that not only are there jumbo index cards, there are some with even larger numbers and symbols – I guess you could call them super jumbo index.

So don’t struggle to read the cards if your sight isn’t good, try a set of these jumbo index cards.  They are suitable for everyone playing, so your friends and fellow bridge players can easily use the same set of cards.

Here are a few that I’ve found on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Jumbo Index Cards For UK Players

Jumbo Index Cards For US Players