Bridge – An Olympic Sport?

Have you ever wondered if bridge could become an Olympic sport?  Maybe you think I’m going a little made even to ask, but I’m not.

Clearly bridge doesn’t take years of intensive physical training like most physical Olympic sports and most bridge players don’t have to spend hours in the gym or eat a special diet, but top bridge players do take years of intensive study and play to develop their skills.  Bridge is classed as a “mind sport”.

It seems unlikely that it will be played at the Olympics in the near future, but the IOC has recognised the World Bridge Federation as a sporting organisation.  That means that participants in the World Bridge Championships are subjected to the same rules as other athletes – including drugs testing

The author of the above article was on a team that was asked to demonstrate Bridge to the IOC in 2002.  Here is the transcript of the press conference held by the IOC president in which bridge and a few other games were turned down

It seems that players believe that bridge should become part of the Winter Olympics as it is played indoors.  Who knows, maybe bridge will be reconsidered as an Olympic sport sometime in the future.