Bridge Bidding Boxes – All The Bridge Bids Easily Shown To All Players

Bridge bidding boxesMost bridge players use bidding boxes.  They can be used at a bridge club or competition, or used if you are playing a friendly game of bridge in your own home.

Why Are They Used?

Bidding boxes are used to avoid confusion when a bid is made. There is no need for the player to speak his/her bid as the cards are laid on the table for everyone to see .  This avoids any confusion caused by a player mishearing a bid.

In a busy club situation bidding boxes mean bidding remains silent so there is less background noise and distraction from other players and tables.

If a player has visual difficulties and is unable to see the bidding cards then the bid can be spoken as well.

The cards remain on the table until the opening card is played, so it is easy for the opener to remember how the bidding went.

What Are They?

In each box there is a set of cards, one for each possible bid.  The tops of the cards are cut away so then when placed in the box all the possible bids are visible to the player.

To make a bid the player removes the card they want to bid, together with ALL the cards behind it, and places them on the table.  Further bids can be made in the same way and placed on top of the initial bid.  At the end of the bidding the cards are simply gathered up in the order they were placed on the table and replaced in the box behind the unused cards.

The box also contains cards for passing and doubling as well as a stop card (used before making a jump bid) and an alert card (used if your partner makes a bid that has a special meaning (for example bidding a convention such as 4th suit forcing or Unusual No Trump).

Buy Bridge Bidding Boxes

If you live in the UK you can purchase bridge bidding boxes from Amazon by clicking on the links or images below:

If you live in the USA, take a look at Learn Bridge – Bidding Boxes