Learn How To Play Bridge

Are you looking for a new hobby?  Maybe you want to make new friends and have more of a social life?  If you do, then why not learn how to play bridge?

Once you learn how to play bridge you will find you can enjoy an active social life.  You can get together with friends for a friendly game in someone’s house.  You can join your local bridge club (or clubs) and get out and meet new people.  You can enjoy organised bridge holidays – weekends, weeks and even cruises.  There’s no need to worry if you are on your own, most organised holidays and most bridge clubs can provide a partner.

If you are housebound or unable to get out much, don’t despair.  If you learn how to play bridge you can make friends online and play bridge from your own home.  There are several sites that will allow you to play  bridge online, either against robots or with real players that you have met online.  If you play regularly on any site – for example, bridge base online, join their forum or chat rooms.  That way you will meet and get to talk to fellow players.  It’s very likely that you will meet up with fellow players who would like you to be their online partners.

I have any online friends from around the world, and I use Skype to talk to them.  Most I have never met and never will meet, but believe me online friends can be good friends, especially if you are housebound.  They are real people who you can have real conversations with online and if you learn how to play bridge you will meet people from around the world.

So – how do you learn how to play bridge?  Easy.  If you live in the UK, Ireland or New Zealand and you want to learn Acol bridge – just click here to join the UK’s leading bridge teaching website.

If you live anywhere else in the world, or you want to play online bridge, you will probably want to learn American standard bridge – in which case, just click here.