Rebidding After Making A Takeout Double

You are South and you hold this hand:

S K Q J 7
H A Q 6 5
D 8
C K 10 9 3

Your partner has bid 1S.  As this is a minimum bid (at the one level) your partner could have a weak hand.

The bidding has gone as follows:

East South West North
1D Dbl Pass 1S
Pass ?

It is unlikely that your partner holds more than 8 or 9 points, otherwise he would have made a bid at the 2 level.  You know that you are unlikely to hold more than 24 points between you, fewer than the 25 points generally needed to bid for game. You should just do a single raise to the 2 level, which tells your partner that you don’t have enough points between you to bid for game.