System of Bidding in Bridge

Blueberry bridge helps you to play either of the two main bridge bidding systems – Acol and Standard American.

The Acol system of bidding in bridge is mainly used in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.  Much of the rest of the world plays one of the Standard American bridge bidding systems.

Acol bridge is simply named after a street in London where it was first developed by a group of keen bridge players.

If you want to play bridge at a club or with friends in the UK, Ireland & NZ then learn the Acol system of bidding in bridge.  It is widely used and almost all bridge classes will teach you this system.

However, if you want to play bridge online, you will find that most sites use the American Standard bridge bidding system.  Some offer you the choice of bidding systems, but many simply play the American system.  If you want to meet new bridge playing friends online from around the world then you will probably want to learn to play AS bridge.

Whichever system you choose to learn will give you a good foundation for playing bridge and you will find it relatively easy to learn the other bidding system if/when the need arises.

Fortunately, whichever system you decide to learn, No Fear Bridge has the answer.

Learn Acol bridge online here

Learn American standard bridge online here