Bridge Courses For Beginners

If you are  just starting to learn to play bridge, you might want to find a local bridge course for beginners.  It’s a sociable and fun way to learn to play and your class will be full of beginners just like you so there will no need to feel embarrassed by your lack of bridge skills.

How do you find a bridge course for beginners?

Bridge courses are run in many places, but here are a few suggestions of where to look to get you started:

  • Many local Senior Schools in the UK run adult education classes in the evening.  Do an internet search for your local school and see if they offer a programme of adult classes that include a bridge course for beginners.
  • If you are a more mature UK learner, take a look at your local U3A –  Their courses are all run by members and many have bridge players willing to teach others.
  • Some local councils run adult learning courses.  Do a web search for “adult education mytown”  (where mytown = your nearest town or borough)
  • Many universities and colleges run adult courses.  Take a look at the website of your local one to see if they are running any beginners bridge courses
  • Some local bridge clubs run courses or know the local teachers.  Contact your local bridge club to see if they can refer you to a local course.
  • If you know a bridge teacher, they may be willing to run private lessons, especially if you can get together with a group of friends.  This will reduce the cost for individuals and make the lessons more fun.

If you are still unable to find a bridge course for beginners, or are unable to attend for health or family reasons, don’t despair.  It is perfectly possible to learn to play bridge online.  If you want to learn Acol bridge, CLICK HERE.  If you want to learn American Standard bridge, CLICK HERE.

You can study topics graded from absolute beginner through to improver and beyond.  You can practice your bridge learning and play online.  When you are ready to play for real, you can join a site such as and play against robots or other real players.