Learn Bridge In A Day

Is it possible to learn bridge in a day?  I’m sure you can’t become an expert player in a day, but it’s a great way of introducing the basics without the commitment of regular attendance at a course.  It’s also a good way for a lapsed player to get back to playing bridge and revisiting the basics of the game.

“Learn Bridge In A Day” sessions are becoming very popular, so there must be many people out there who just need that extra boost to get them back into playing bridge, or who maybe want a taster session to see if they like the game before committing to a course.

What can you do if you’ve attended one of these days and want to continue learning?  Most of these courses are taster sessions in the hope that you will like the game and want to join a regular class or join the associated bridge club.  But not everyone can make that commitment.  You can continue learning at home.  In fact, a Learn Bridge In A Day session would be the perfect introduction to learning online with No Fear Bridge.  You will have a head start and will understand some of the basic terminology.

So, if you’ve attended one of these sessions, or are thinking of attending one, come home from the session and enrol for your two week trial membership at No Fear Bridge.

To learn Acol bridge follow this link

To learn American Standard bridge follow this link

If you want to attend a Learn Bridge In A Day session, here are a few I’ve found for the Autumn of 2014:

Hear of the Valley Bridge Club

http://www.albanycorvallisbridgeclub.org/?page_id=422 They run regular lessons for beginners and improving players as well as regular club sessions.  They are running a “Learn Bridge In A Day” session on Sat Sept 6th.   Take a look at their website for full information.

Dana Harbor Bridge Centre

They are running a “Learn Bridge In A Day” session on Sunday 26th Sept 2014. The aim of the session is to teach you what you need to know to join a bridge class or a novice bridge club.   Details are on their website http://www.danaharborbridgecenter.org

Little Rock Duplicate Bridge Club in Arkansas

Are running a session on 20th Sept.  Have fun whilst learning the fundamentals of the game or refreshing old skills. http://www.littlerockbridgeclub.org