What Do Playing Bridge And Attending A Computer Class Have In Common?

Are you married or living with a partner?  Can you guess what playing bridge and attending a computer class have in common?

At first glance the answer has to be “not a lot”.

Let me give you some clues.  I teach adults how to use a computer.  Although I no longer run group classes, a few years ago I ran many classes in a variety of locations.  Mostly in village halls or the computing suites of local schools.

The classes were very popular and I would often have couples signing up.  They came in three varieties:

1) Those who sat next to other and couldn’t bare to work alone

2) Those who attended the same class, but sat as far apart as possible

3) Those who refused to even attend the same class.

I have often said that teaching your partner to use a computer is like teaching your partner to drive.  Don’t go there.

Can you see where I’m coming from?  Substitute “class” with “club” in the three points above and I think you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Some couples insist on playing together as bridge partners.

Some couples will attend the same club but have different playing partners.

Some couples will attend separate clubs, or on separate days.

I have a feeling that golfers might fall into the same categories!